Server Optimization

What is Server Optimization?

In addition to increasing your server performance, it is included in the optimization processes so that your server can exchange data securely on the Internet. Our Transactions Are Collected In Four Parts. Following your Server Optimization Requests, the Standard Operations are Server Update, Web Server Optimization, Database Server Optimization, Elimination of Known Security Vulnerabilities and Software Firewall Services are provided in order.

What Does Server Optimization Do?

Server Optimization is the name given to general studies on servers/systems that are unstable, have performance and security problems. It ensures the stable operation of the system by making performance and security-related analyzes on the services on the server and solving the detected system problems. You can send your requests and complaints to us by contacting our company. Our team will return to you as soon as possible.


What are we doing?

  • Speed ​​Optimization
  • Apache/Nginx/(Open)Litespeed Optimization
  • APCu, Xcache, Memcached, Redis etc. Installation and Adjustments
  • Reducing MySQL/MariaDB load
  • HTTP/2 Activation
  • GZIP Activation
  • mod_pagespeed Activation
  • mod_brotli Activation
  • Software firewall setup and intrusion prevention adjustments
  • CGI, Perl and Python Security
  • Mod_userdir Edit
  • Remote MySQL Block/shutdown
  • Turn off directory switching (permission)
  • Open_basedir editing
  • Editing php.ini functions
  • Symlink blocking
  • SSH security (port change etc.)
  • and many more processes...

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