Corporate Projects

You are in the right place for your corporate projects. Full support in terms of High Uptime and security!

Data security & privacy

Data is Safe with Us. We certainly do not examine your systems without your request and we care about your privacy.

Security Center

We ensure that you have a more secure system by providing security consultancy for your systems.

Our Approach

We add power to your projects


100% Security is impossible. We strive to achieve a result close to this figure by working hard and following the market, and we provide this service to you. Our goal is to keep you as safe as possible.

Updated And Licensed

Our systems are always kept up to date by us.

Cloud Technology

Using Cloud Technology, we focus more performance.

3rd Party Services

We help you use services such as Cloudflare rules fully optimized

Custom Configre

We use configured settings to keep the system running stably.

Our Web Hosting Infrastructure

A Strong and Stable Infrastructure

High Availability

High Uptime Values ​​with Hetzner and Serverius Infrastructure!

Encrypted Systems

Our disks are encrypted and we prefer tls on the network side.

Anti-Bad Bots/Files

We Block Malicious Bots and Files (Plesk/ImunifyAV) at Every Layer.

ClodLinux + Cafegs

We provide an isolated and safe place for your projects.

Our Services

With SimyaSoftware Assurance


Website Hosting

Your sites are safe with Secure Shared Hosting Service.

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Server Optimize

Security Optimization And Malware Cleanup To Your Server.

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Virtual Dedicated Server

High performance and secure network virtual server solutions.

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Free Hide Whois (Data Security). And Free SSL Domain.

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All-in Hosting Solution

Our experts provide and plan product and security consulting and technical support services.

Webhosting Autobackup

In addition to the backups available to the customers on the Plesk side, regular full disk image backups of our Hosting devices are also taken.


Data security

Local permission structure & Network Isolation & CPU/RAM Isolation & Updating and correct configuration of services. Necessary Precautions have been taken for Data Security.


Always online

For high uptime values, our servers are configured to remain active all the time, both in software (panel, kernel, pfsense) and hardware.

Us in Statistics

We Work For Your Safety And Happiness


Trusted Organizations


Website Protection


Active Nodes


Data Is Safe With Us

Become a Ninja in Security!

With the advice you will receive from our security experts or with ready-made systems, you can ensure that the system works more comfortably by having a system as safe as possible.

Network Security

Database Security

Web Security

Server Security

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